Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Number Ninja's Discussion

IALT:Discuss with a buddy about what we think the proper percentage is

Today I have discussed with a partner about if we agree with the text or not.One thing that I have found challenging was trying to figure out if we agreed or disagreed with the text and trying to find reasons to support my answer.Here is my photo of my work and please leave me a comment if I made a mistake.💬😁😁

Knee Deep Report

IALT:Create a report about an article

Today I have made a Video as a pretend News Caster to talk about an article called Knee Deep. I have made this video with my classmate Akanesi and our show was called L and A News.One thing I found challenging about making our news was trying not to laugh in the recording because I thought that Akanesi wasn't finished and I ended up laughing because I was wrong.Here is my video and I hope you guys enjoy and please leave me a comment about the NewsCast and if I made a mistake.💬😁😁

Te Oro Performance

WALT:Write a reflection about what I have watched

Today some students from our school had the opportunity to go to Te Oro in Glen Innes.We had to go on a site and then we were able to watch Tamaki Primaries performance.When it first started I actually surprised at how the props looked on the stage and that they were placed nicely.They started off with two people throwing their rubbish in the river (Lava Lava's) and then a song was played which was by Jose and it was all about keeping the rivers clean. After they finished listening to the song they decided to start to pick up their rubbish. Once they finished some other actors went onto the stage and picked up their fishing rods and sat down to start fishing.Since they weren't catching anything yet they decided to sing a song and they decided to sing E Otua. I thought that they're act was very good because they were acting like they were out in the forest fishing in a river.Then Losana and Ana started to sing Tangaroa by Masi Rika.I thought that their singing was very good but the only problem was the speakers stopped working. In the end they just stood up, said our Inquiry topic, bowed down and went off the stage.In conclusion I thought that the performance was amazing but the only problem was some technical issues but overall the performance was great.👍👍👍

Please leave a comment if I made a mistake any where in my writing.💬😁

Number Percentages

IALT:Find the number percentages on the Nutritional facts.

Today I have finished my presentation that I have worked on with my buddy Demetrius.This Presentation is all about food and drink nutritional facts.One things I found challenging was trying to find the actual percentages for Doritos and Mountain Dew.Here is my presentation that I was working on.💬😀😀

Friday, 7 April 2017

Te Tuhi Reflection

IALT:Write a reflection about our trip to the Te Tuhi art Gallery.

This presentation is all about our time at the Te Tuhi art Gallery.One thing I found challenging was trying to write my ow opinion about what i really enjoyed and also trying to find what to pick so we could write what we enjoyed and what we think about the art.Please leave me a comment with any Feedback or Feed forward.💬💭😁😁


IALH: To design a Nike tick on TinkerCad

Today I have made a google drawing all about my design for a necklace.One thing I found challenging was trying to find the Nike Tick on it's own.Here is my work and I hope you enjoy also please leave a comment if I made a mistake or for some Feedback or Feedforward on my work.💬💭😁😁


IAL:What is Mode and Range.

This week the Number Ninja's did maths work all about what is Mode and Range. We got to do different maths activities and the first one was just teaching us what Mode and range is.Our second activity that we did was about Mode and range but we had to answer different questions.Here are some photo's of my work pages and if I have made a mistake please leave a comment or if you want you can just make your comment about Feedback and Feedforward.💬💭😁😁