Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Te Tuhi

IALT: Reflect on the Te Tuhi trip

Today I have created a reflection about the Te Tuhi trip on friday. We did role plays and created Posters at the Te Tuhi art gallery. Here is my work that I have finished.


WAL: Tennis skills and Softball skill

Yesterday the Kia manawanui syndicate split up in two because we had Kiwisport and PE. I was in home group 2 and we went for PE with Miss Komor while home group 1 went to Kiwisport with Miss Aireen. We started off with a little jog around the bike track and then we got into doing some exercises. I enjoyed doing these exercises because some of them were fun and we got to do them at our own pace.We got split into small groups and we practiced following through batting.Afterwards we got straight into a game of Softball but I didn't get a chance to Bat.when the girls started to field it was our turn to go to KiwiSport.
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At KiwiSport our instructor was Peter and he was teaching us how to play tennis.We started off with a little warm up game involving a ball and a partner.The aim of the game was to grab the ball before your partner does and while we were bending down Peter called out a body part which we needed to touch before he said ball and we grabbed the ball. I really enjoyed this game because I won twice but lost two times again. Peter our instructor started teaching us how to do the ForeArm hit after we got used to the movement we started to play a rally.I was partnered up with Taonga and we had a challenge with the rest of the class for who could get the most number of hits.Sadly we never won but we tried our best.
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Thank you for reading my reflection of KiwiSport and PE.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Bio Poem

Today I have finished and edited my Bio Poem which is basically a poem about myself and what I like and more.One thing I found quite challenging was trying to narrow the thing I like down to 3. Here is my Bio poem.

Friday, 2 February 2018

School Values - My Goals

Today I have learnt about the School Values and the importance of showing them consistently everyday, especially when you are a School leader. Here is a DLO of my Goals related to our School Values.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Kiwi Sport

IALT: Throw a Shot Put ball properly

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Today at school Kelly took us down to the field for our lesson with Coach Allen. When we got down there we started of by playing Dodgeball as a warm up game but we played it with different rules. This time instead of being out for the whole game we started off with swapping to the other team. After a few minutes Coach Allen told us that the game was going to become elimination. I enjoyed the game but the only problem was the ball was a bit to soft and when you threw the ball it curved away from your target. 

Then we got into groups of 3 and got another ball and started throwing it like a Shot Put ball to each other. One tip that Coach Allen gave us was to keep the ball in front of our ear, Keep your toes facing the same direction as your hand you're throwing with, Rotating your body to make the ball move from back to front and to release. 

Then we got a smaller Ball filled with sand that was around the same shape as a Shot Put ball. When we all got a ball we stood in a line and all threw at the same time. My ball got quite far but I thing that I still need a little bit more practice. One thing I found quite challenging was trying to not throw the ball like a normal ball and to keep it in front of my ear. I think my next steps are to get more practice and to keep the ball in front of my ear.

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Monday, 30 October 2017


IALT: Learn tips on how to run faster

Today for Kiwisport we had Run, Jump & Throw. We first split into 2 groups and we started playing Capture the flag but with Noodles and Cones. The way we played this game was there was 2 Hula Hoops filled with 5 cones and each Hoop had a Guard that was armed with Noodle to protect the cones.I enjoyed this game because it was really hard to get the cone without getting hit. We also got to learn how to run faster with some tips but I could only remember one which was Cheek to Cheek.It means pump your hand to reach your Cheek and then pump it back down to reach your Butt Cheek.This was a really good tip because it really helps you run faster.The last game we played was a little bit of a relay.We had four different teams and there was on runner that had to sprint down the line.The aim of the game was to sprint down to the end before they pass the ball to the last person of the line.I enjoyed this game because it was really fun and I enjoyed passing the ball down.On thing I thought that my team could work on was catching the ball.
In Conclusion I learned that in order to run fast you have to be able to pump your arms to help you.

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Thursday, 26 October 2017


WALT: Solve word problems

Today in class we were doing our maths and my group the Number Ninja's were solving Word problems. This was our first word problem and the question is how many cans are there altogether. I found this question quite easy because I first recognised that the real question is 8 x 6 which equals 48. This first question was really easy because I found the clue fast and I enjoyed it.Sadly this was the only question that I got through because I had another question but I  couldn't get through it yet so that was the only question today.One thing I found quite challenging was trying to remember my times tables because I kind of forgot them for a second. I enjoy doing Maths because I like solving things because they sometimes give me a challenge.

Thank you for reading my blogpost and please leave me a comment if I have made any mistakes and please leave me a comment about what is your favourite part of maths.